Avoiding Snoring During Pregnancy

There is no question that when it comes to extraordinary moments in one’s life, having a baby can be right at the top of the list for many. The list of joys and challenges associated with child birth is a long one indeed.   One of the most common problems associated with pregnancy involves snoring. There are a number of things to keep in mind with this condition, particularly in terms of how it related to pregnant women. At the

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The Relationship Between Wisdom Teeth And Snoring

Snoring occurs during a partial blockage of an individual’s airways. When this happens, the passing of air is going to become difficult. When some of the air is forced back into the mouth, negative pressure can occur. Your soft palate is going to begin to vibrate as a consequence of this. The end result will be the condition known as snoring.   One of the most frustrating elements to snoring is the fact that it can come from a variety

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Nora and Zeeq Smart Pillows

Smart products seem to be everywhere these days. For those who find themselves struggling to deal with their snoring, there are even smart pillows. You’ll find a couple of options on that front. The Nora smart pillow is your first possibility, and the Zeeq smart pillow represents your second choice. Are either of these possibilities worth your time? Is one ultimately superior to the other? If you are eager to deal with your snoring once and for all, it is

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Top Foods to Reduce Snoring

If you snore, you will by now probably have tried many different approaches to stop this snoring happening. It can be hugely frustrating for both you and the people around you having to deal with the effects of snoring - quite often, you'll probably find that you wake yourself up with your snoring! It can make you very self conscious too and worried about sharing a house or a bed with other people, and it's likely that you're willing to

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3D Printing Helping To Create Anti Snoring Device

  Snoring is a universal problem. It is true that people of certain ages and with specific types of medical history are more vulnerable to snoring but anyone can snore, including kids. Snoring is often indicative of sleep apnea. It is indeed a symptom of an underlying problem. There have been numerous medical devices aimed at curing snoring. Some have been partly successful and some have been ineffective. Not all devices have the same approach. A few focus on curbing

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MyPillow Fined $1 Million For False Advertising

Every day we are treated to dozens of commercials making all kinds of claims. Some claims are more believable than others. Some claims are genuine and have been backed by scientific proof or empirical data. Unfortunately, there are many companies that indulge in false advertising with the sole intent of garnering traction. While most of these claims appear too good to be true, yet every once in a while people want to believe that the utopian is indeed real. MyPillow

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Airing: The First Hoseless Micro-CPAP

Each year, millions of people in the US alone (and many more all over the world) have a tough time getting to sleep – and staying alive while they sleep because of sleep apnea. Sure, there are CPAP masks out there designed to make sleeping safer for those with this medical condition, but they are larger and cumbersome. That’s where the brand new Airing Micro CPAP comes into play. Just now finishing up it’s final run of testing at the

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70% of the snorers only snore when they sleep on their back. Because the tongue partly obstructs the airway when you sleep on your back, so technically, by turning to your side the tongue will no longer obstruct the airway and you'll stop snoring. This is exactly the main reason for the tennis ball taped to the back technique. What if you snore and a device will "shake" you a bit to stop snoring? Wouldn't be great? This is where

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What’s Are The Signs Of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea can cause very loud snoring. People who are affected stop breathing briefly whilst they are asleep. This is often the first sign that the person suffers from the condition if the individual shares a bed. It happens as the airways close due to muscle relaxation. The passage of air is blocked and breathing ceases temporarily. The individual's blood oxygen level drops and the level of CO2 rises, stimulating the sufferer's sleep to lighten. They either partially or

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Snoring Jokes

4 Buddies go on a camping trip, but no-one wants to share the 2 man tents with Eric because he snores, but they know they have to sleep somewhere so they decide to take turns. First night Larry takes his turn, in the morning he staggers to the camp fire for coffee looking haggard "god look at you!" exclaim his buddies, "no sleep he snored all night, I just sat up watching him" says Larry. Second night its Bens turn,

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