SnooZeal Snoring Treatment

Pros and Cons of SnooZeal


SnooZeal is reportedly the first of its kind anti-snoring device that is available over the counter and attempts to remedy the causes of snoring instead of trying to regulate the symptoms. The device is unique in many ways. It can be controlled using your smart phone and in addition to targeting snoring it also attempts to cure sleep apnea.

SnooZeal has got CE approval but is awaiting FDA approval. Developed by Professor Anshul Sama, a well known ENT consultant, SnooZeal has been rolled out for pre-sales in conjunction with ENT consultants, sleep physicians, medical device distributors and retailers across Europe.

The Pros of SnooZeal

It is no secret that most anti snoring devices tend to contain the act of snoring when one is asleep. There are devices that attempt to cut down the noise, there’s evolving technology trying to nullify the sound of snoring which doesn’t really cure or even relieve snoring but just contains the sound so the person sleeping next to a snorer doesn’t get inconvenienced and there are many such solutions that try to relieve the impact or act of snoring. SnooZeal tries to undo the cause.

Unlike other devices, SnooZeal doesn’t have to be used at night when one is asleep. It is this inconvenient practice that compels most people to stop using their anti-snoring devices. SnooZeal is used through the day. The ISO13485 certified device prevents the excessive relaxation and loss of tone of the tongue muscle sleep. The collapsing muscles in the respiratory tract affect the breathing passage, effectively blocking it and compelling a person to snore, entirely involuntarily. SnooZeal assures a workout of the tongue muscle through the day over two sessions that will prevent it from relaxing to an extent that it facilitates snoring.

SnooZeal is to be used through the day for around twenty minutes and there should be two such sessions every day over a period of six weeks. There is an app that you can use to control the device and there is data for you to track the progress you have made through the weeks. The sessions are not very long and one only needs two sessions. The period of six weeks is also not too demanding. Compared to wearing anti-snoring devices all night for an endless period of time, SnooZeal appears to be a more convenient and practical solution.

The Cons of SnooZeal

It is unclear if one would be completely cured and wouldn’t snore at all after the six weeks of treatment or the frequency and snoozeal-snoring-treatmentseverity of snoring will be more pleasant. The effectiveness of the device is certainly yet to be tested in uncontrolled settings by ordinary people. One also needs to wait and watch the side effects, if any at all, of the exercise that one would indulge in with the device.