The New Bed that helps stop you snoring

If you or your partner snores, you know exactly how disruptive it can be to a good night’s sleep. While we want to be able to stay in the same bed as our partner, if you’re being kept up all night due to their snoring then it’s very hard to resist the temptation to sleep in separate beds. However, all that could be about to change thanks to the new bed that’s soon to be released onto the market.

bed adjusting height to stop snoring

What does the new bed promise?

The new Sleep Number 360 bed is a revolution in the world of beds. It’s a fully sensory ‘smart bed’, and it’s yet another amazing technical advance that’s trying to take the world by storm. The bed and mattress collect data about your sleeping habits from you while you’re asleep, and use this data the next night to give you the best possible night’s sleep. It also claims to be able to gently encourage you or your partner to stop snoring, which is music to anybody’s ears!


How Does it work?

The Sleep Number 360 mattress is full of air pockets. When snoring is detected, certain air pockets inflate around the person snoring to gently push on one side of their body roll them over, thus eliminating the snoring. It’s basically the equivalent of you pushing your partner over in the night, but without you having to move!


How Successful is it?

It’s hard to get real life reviews yet from people who have tried it, but there are videos online that the company have released that seem to show it working well. How accurate it will be at predicting when somebody’s snoring though is yet to be seen! However, the promise of a bed that can do this is a massive leap in sleep technology.


When will it be available?

It’s now available with The i7, priced $3,499 and the i10 priced at $4,999 -quite pricey. Other Sleep Number beds come in priced around the $4,500 mark when bought new, depends on the size and the pressure relief system. If it truly is as good as it says it is, and it’s the ultimate in smart sleep technology, it seems like a small price to pay to eliminate snoring from your life and your bed forever. Also, will be interesting to use Zeeq or Nora smart pillows for the full experience.


i10 sleepnumber 360