Each year, millions of people in the US alone (and many more all over the world) have a tough time getting to sleep – and staying alive while they sleep because of sleep apnea.

Sure, there are CPAP masks out there designed to make sleeping safer for those with this medical condition, but they are larger and cumbersome.

That’s where the brand new Airing Micro CPAP comes into play.

Just now finishing up it’s final run of testing at the FDA, when this new sleep apnea solution is released to the public it is poised to revolutionize the lives of those suffering from this serious condition. Compact, powerful, and trustworthy.

What makes the Airing Micro CPAP so special?

The traditional CPAP machine that many need just to sleep safely each night is a monster with all kinds of hoses, tanks, and cords – it’s not very comfortable mask.

Going to sleep shouldn’t force you to look – and feel – like you’re getting suited up for some deep sea diving.

With the Airing Micro CPAP, though, all of that hassle (and that headgear) goes right out the window. You’re going to be able to sleep without any cords, hoses, and without an oversized mask weighing you down.

Engineered from the ground up to be the first ever true “cordless” CPAP machine, this micro sized little device gently plugs right into your nasal passage and keeps you breathing effortlessly all night long.

Because it has been designed so specifically, and because it’s main “contact point” components are custom fit to your exact specifications, you’re going to be able to enjoy a solid and perfect seal that guarantees your airflow is unrestricted and uninhibited.

Combine all of that the work that inventor, lead designer, and President of the Airing Micro CPAP Stephen A Marsh and his team of medical masterminds are putting together to make this the ultimate solution for sleep apnea and moving forward with this piece of technology becomes a no brainer.

Better understanding the engineering behind the Airing Micro CPAP mask

While traditional CPAP masks and machines are made as close to one size fits all as possible (making them very big and bulky along the way), the Airing is made to be very streamlined, very tight and compact, and completely discrete.

About the size of the end of your nose you’ll almost forget you’re wearing an Airing after you put it on.

Airing is designed to be disposable, which eliminates the need to be cleaned and sterilized. You’ll be free of the dreaded CPAP machine obstructions, and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning or maintain you CPAP machine.

The entire Airing Micro CPAP is 100% recyclable (You don’t have to worry about polluting your environment).


Are there any drawbacks to the Airing Micro CPAP?

It isn’t yet on the market.

Built on the back of a major crowdfunding endeavor (with the company overachieving significantly on their financial goals, to the tune of passing their mark by 896% more than expected!), Airing still needs to go through the FDA approval process and then move into the large-scale manufacturing.

The other drawback you’ll have to cozy up to is the fact that this is – at its core – a disposable item. Each Mini CPAP from Airing is designed to be used once. The batteries only last for between 3 and 8 hours at a time and the actual nose piece itself is designed to be tossed every night when you’re done with it, with new one’s used each time you go to sleep, which means it’s going to be very costly.