Smart products seem to be everywhere these days. For those who find themselves struggling to deal with their snoring, there are even smart pillows. You’ll find a couple of options on that front. The Nora smart pillow is your first possibility, and the Zeeq smart pillow represents your second choice. Are either of these possibilities worth your time? Is one ultimately superior to the other?

If you are eager to deal with your snoring once and for all, it is well worth taking the time to learn more about these potentially wondrous products.


A Look At Nora

Top Foods to Reduce SnoringKnown as Smart Nora, this pillow essentially consists of two different parts. You have the electronic sensor that will rest on your bedside table, listening for repetitious sounds that occur in a particular frequency range. In other words, it’s going to listen for the sound of snoring. The second part of the product comes in the form of inflation devices that slide beneath your pillow, blowing up when you snore, and repositioning your head.

One of the nice things about Nora is that it is completely non-invasive. However, even when you are asleep, it’s working to keep your snoring at more manageable levels. The very mild movement given off by the pillow will stimulate the muscles in the neck and throat. smart pillow nora anti snoringWhen these things are relaxed, snoring can begin. It can cause you to wake up, amongst other things. Without even stirring you from sleep, Nora promises to provide just enough stimulation to stop the snoring at the source. Smart Nora promises the stimulation won’t cause you to wake up.




Zeeq Smart Pillow Review

zeeq smart pillow anti snoringNext, we have the Zeeq Smart Pillow. Like Smart Nora, the pillow is designed to provide assistance by keeping track of how you sleep, and helping you to create measures to correct any snoring that might disturb you or someone else (likely someone else).





Featuring 8 speakers, you can drift off to sleep each night listening to your favorite music.

zeeq app for anti snoring The design of the Zeeq Smart Pillow works to monitor and track your snoring, while the app will give you hard data that you will actually be able to use. As you sleep, the pillow will readjust itself, moving your head, and thus, in theory, ending the snoring.






Both are a little on the pricey side, coming at $249-300.00 for either option. Still, both products have good reputations, with perhaps Zeeq being the better product of the two.