Snoring is terrible. Especially for someone who does not snore.

It is often said that people who snore have an exceptional talent. They unconsciously produce noises during the night that can wake up an entire floor of the hotel of a medium size.
The question that you are all asking yourselves is: How is it possible that a person who snores does not wake up from their own snore?

Well, it is possible. Snoring is a disorder that develops as we get older.

Snoring is not a virus that comes and goes. The unbearable sounds are the result of a respiratory disorder that is slowly but surely developing for months and years.

Snoring occurs when the tissue in the upper part of the respiratory system begins to relax and the air flow becomes more difficult. It appears in those cases where soft tissue structures of the upper airway lose tone during sleep and partly close the airway. This leads to vibration of the soft parts of the throat and thus produces a sound that is known as snoring.
The emergence of sound when breathing is a sign that there was a partial closure of the airways and the air flow is obstructed.
At first it may cause silent vibrations that are inaudible. But this silent vibration becomes not so silent over time.

The person to whom the whole process happens is accustomed to these sounds parallel to their intensification.
In addition, the loudest snoring begins at the moment when a person fells into the deepest sleep.

Now, let’s get back to the question: Why don’t we wake up from our own snores? Our nervous system is constantly receiving different types of information that have the ability to control every single process in our bodies. But when we are asleep our brain still works and controls all the vital processes, but ignores all other information that come from other organs. Simple as that.

It should be noted that as long as it is controlled, snoring is not dangerous for your health. But one should never ignore the it because it may be a sign of a more serious condition called sleep apnea. Mild forms of snoring can be cured by simply reducing weight or avoid consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs which lead to reducing the strength of the neck muscles. The change of sleeping position may also help. Today the application of specially designed tools can really change peoples’ lives.