Snoring is a problem that affects many sleepers around the world. This is especially the case for those that have to sleep next to or share a bed with these snorers and the snorers themselves. While snoring is undoubtedly annoying, snoring can be a symptom of a larger problem that can lead to serious medical conditions. The key to helping someone that struggles with snoring is understanding why they snore and the options that are available to help them.


How Snoring Works

Snoring is often caused by a condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when one’s breath stops about 30 times and hour during sleep. Sleep apnea can be the reason those suffering with it don’t get enough rest each night and can lead to chronic drowsiness or feeling tired throughout the day. Additionally, sleep apnea can result in depression, headaches, mood swings, memory loss and more. On the more serious side of things, sleep apnea has been known to result in diabetes, stroke and heart failure.


There are several treatments on the market for snoring and treating sleep apnea. However, out of the many treatments, several are quite uncomfortable and intrusive. These kinds of methods do work and keep stoppages of breath from occurring, but are generally very cumbersome and make sleeping a bit of a hassle. In light of all the obstructive options for sleep apnea, there are easier solutions that have been developed as a cure to end the snoring.

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snorlax snoring slippers

THE Snoring Socks

A new treatment for those of us that snore is a lot more comfortable than the uncomfortable options of past years. This new method are wearable support stockings, also known as snoring socks. While you may wonder, “how do socks prevent someone from snoring?”, well there’s an explantion:

These compression stockings work to keep fluid from building up within the legs and allow the fluid to flow normally. Instead of allowing the fluid to travel to your neck as you sleep, these compression stockings have been used to prevent blood clots, treat varicose veins and to help regulate blood flow in the legs.


If you suffer from snoring, check out these support stockings as you go through your day. These socks are not cheap and cost about $20 or less. If you had try them please let us know and we’ll add your review.