Anti Snore Mouthpiece

The Ultimate Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

The Ultimate Anti Snore Mouthpiece is a device that was made in the United States by TMJ Bruxism, and was designed by Oral Surgeon, and is specially designed to help reduce and eliminate your snoring problems.

Ultimate Anti Snore Mouthpiece

Product Description

The Ultimate Anti-Snore Mouthpiece is designed to cater to all of your snoring and bruxism (teeth grinding) problems. This product will help you get a better night's sleep, fully rejuvenating yourself for your daily routines. It is easily adjustable to fit for ultimate comfort, no matter what your needs are.

While it is specifically designed for those with snoring problems, it also works for those who suffer from bruxism, or tooth grinding. This is the excessive grinding of the teeth and/or excessive clenching of the jaw. There are many user testimonies which claim that this product works better than snore relief pillows, nasal strips and other snoring and bruxism solutions on the market.

My Personal Experience

When I first tested The Ultimate Anti Snore Mouthpiece, I used it consecutively for 9 days. After 7 days, I was able to get a good feeling for the advantages and the disadvantages of the product.

Night Guard Stops Teeth GrindingThe first night, I put the device on before I went to sleep. It took me a while to get used to the feeling It wasn’t easy holding a piece of plastic in my mouth. When I finally fell asleep, my wife closely monitoring my snoring, and told me the next day that I did not make a single sound the entire night!

However, I woke up with a puddle of drool running down the side of my face and a slight jaw ache. This was the first day though. Later on, things got better.

After 3 days, my jaw did not hurt or ache anymore, and the drooling subsided. Falling asleep became much easier as my body got used to wearing the mouthguard every night.

At this point on it became smooth sailing. During my entire testing period, my wife said that I did not snore once. By the end of the trial period, I had to admit, this was a great anti-snoring device.

Ultimate Anti Snore Mouthpiece -Made In USA BPA FREE

The two large breathing holes provided sufficient airflow, which was essential for me, because I have a tendency to breathe with my mouth while I sleep. The divider positioned down the middle of the air hole prevented the hole from breaking up if I were to bite down while asleep.

It was rather comfortable to use, although I have also tried other mouth guards that are much more compressed and less bulky in the mouth. It could be improved by reducing the thickness of the device. You will undeniably feel and look like an orangutan when you use the Ultimate Anti-Snore Mouthpiece, therefore don’t forget to take it out before appearing in public!

Here are the list of pros and cons that I experienced while using the Ultimate Anti-Snore Mouthpiece:


  • The fitting process is simple and straightforward, and easy for anyone to accomplish on their own.
  • It fits comfortably, and is adjustable to fit your unique mouth.
  • There are 2 large breather holes, which I found to provide adequate airflow during sleep.
  • It is made out of a soft plastic material was easy on the gums
  • The anti-snore piece allows you to move your jaw forward in order to find the right feeling of comfort while it is forming. I stuck my jaw as far forward as it could go when it was cooling off. I had no problem with it in my mouth all night.
  • It comes complete with instructions that tell you exactly what you need to do for the best use of the device. It fits any shaped mouth due to its molding capabilities. It also comes with a storage case, which is great for keeping the mouthpiece clean for the next usage.


  • My mouth was sore for the first few days. However, for me, that was better than spending 5 months in another bed because my wife could not handle my snoring.
  • It was difficult to become accustomed to wearing it, and it took a little time and lot of drooling and jaw aches for it to become comfortable for me to wear.
  • It is slightly too thick, and holds the mouth open, which causes increased drooling.
  • It has a higher profile, which makes it a little bulky in the mouth.
  • In order to avoid your nose becoming too stuffy, you have to breathe a certain way.