Is the Snorepin the Smart Way to Reduce Snoring?

Most of us think of snoring in stereotypical terms, with the husband that snores like a freight train, and his wife finally out of patience, banishing him to the sofa. However, in fact, almost everyone snores occasionally, though many do not realize it, especially if they happen to sleep alone.

While this scenario may be humorous, the effects of snoring can be widespread. Those with frequent snoring will almost always have poor sleep, which will then result in daytime fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Other problems can include increased frustration, mood swings, and a greater risk of high blood pressure and stroke health issues.

As long as people have snored, there has been a multitude of home remedies to resolve the problem. They have been tried with various claims of success. Some techniques work occasionally, like sleeping on one's side, but chronic snoring is rarely relieved.

The Snorepin

A new product, called the Snorepin, has emerged that may offer some relief where other products have failed. Unlike uncomfortable devices such as CPAP masks or mouthpieces, the Snorepin is a small device that fits comfortably in the nose. In fact, it's so unobtrusive that it's easy to forget it's there at all.

The design is simple yet innovative. It is essentially a nose clip, with two nasal inserts made out of a series of connected circles that get progressively smaller towards the upper end of the nasal cavity, providing for a good, comfortable fit within your nose. The circles are spaced to allow the nasal hairs to flair naturally, and catch foreign particles in the air just as if the device wasn't there.

When the Snorepin is worn, the nasal cavities are supported and kept open, reducing and possibly eliminating snoring in people for whom nasal obstruction is the cause of their snoring. Unlike nasal strips, which attempt but often fail to hold the nose open from the outside, the Snorepin is worn inside of the nose, keeping the nose open for normal functioning and keeping snoring at a minimum. Nasal strips are worn once and thrown away, whereas the Snorepin can be cleaned, sanitized, and worn repeatedly.

Snorepin Amazon Solution

Unfortunately, while this device is unique and innovative, it does not work for everyone. Most snoring is caused by the relaxation of the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue, and throat which occurs naturally during sleep. This narrows the airway, causing tissue vibration in the throat. This type of condition is difficult to control through nostril dilation alone, and products like Snorepin and nasal strips may not achieve the desired results. For others, whose snoring is caused by a constriction of tissue in the sinus cavity, the Snorepin device may deliver partial to complete snoring cessation.

Snorepin is extremely affordable, priced generally at less than $20.00 for a pack of two. Being reusable, they are a much better value than nasal strips. For those who have had some success with nasal strips but their cost, inconsistency, or ineffectiveness have been a problem, the Snorepin seems to be a far better choice.