Is Chin Strap is a SCAM??


stop snoring solution chin strap

What is it?

Through our research into the best and worst snoring solutions on the market today, we came across a new trend amongst anti-snoring products - the chin strap. On Amazon alone, almost 200 sellers are currently selling the anti-snore chin strap. We were  intrigued by this product, and had to learn more about it.

Most of the varying brands of chin straps came with adjustable straps, which allows the users to adjust the product to fix snugly and securely over their face and head. This feature also works to hold your chin tighter, with the intention of keeping snoring at a minimum.

The chin strap was originally used as a surgical jaw bra to help keep your chin in place after many different kinds of facial surgery.

Massive and Widespread Usage

According to the Amazon market research group Jungle Scout, at least 10,000 units of the chin strap are being sold every month. This is a massive amount of product every month.


Jungle Scout Chin Strap Research


Many of these products have highly positive reviews, leaving many new customers to believe that this device will work for them. However, what potential may not know, is that many of the positive reviews were given do to a deal between the sellers and the reviewer. The seller will give the reviewer a free or highly discounted product, in exchange for a honest review.

What is problematic about this situation, is that due to the way Amazon matrices work, reviewers who leave more positive reviews get higher rankings, leading to more sellers attempting to approach the reviewer with free products in exchange for their “educated” opinions. This means that not all of the positive reviews can be taken at face value.

This product comes at a low price, meaning it does not cost the seller much to give the product away in exchange for numerous positive reviews, which will in turn give the product more sales.

Price Range

There are many different brands of chin strap, and each brand and seller will price their product differently. On Amazon, chin straps can range in price from $6 to as high as $40.

snoreshield anti snore chin strap


No FDA Testing

One of the biggest problems with this product, is that it has not been tested by the FDA. This means that there is no proof or evidence from a nationally trusted source that this product is even usable. Those who buy this product are simply hoping that the straps will somehow fix their snoring problems.

my snoring solution jaw strap sleepThis product holds the jaw shut so tightly that the mouth cannot open very wide, and the tongue cannot drop back, thus blocking the upper airway. While for some mouth-breathing snorers, this may sound like a good thing. But what are the side effects of this?


Why the Chin Strap is NOT a Good Anti-Snoring Device

After our own personal experiences with the chin strap, as well as looking at hundreds of reviews on Amazon, we have decided that the chin strap is one of the worst anti-snoring devices, and should not be used by most people.

  1. Despite some of the varying chin strap brands coming with adjustable straps, it is very difficult to get the chin strap to fit across the majority of people’s heads. So, depending on the size of your head and neck, finding the right size chin strap may be impossible.
  2. Oftentimes, the straps will come off of your head while you are sleeping, making the device useless at trying to stop your snoring.
  3. Because the chin strap fits so tightly on your head, and keeps your jaw so immobile, many people have experiences teeth grinding, even though they did not grind their teeth before using this product.
  4. While wearing the straps, it is almost impossible to stay asleep the entire night, ensuring that you do not get a good night’s sleep.
  5. You will wake up with a jaw ache from having to keep your jaw shut tightly for so many hours.
  6. If you stop using the chin strap, because you think that your snoring has been eliminated, or because you cannot deal with the pain any more, your snoring will simply return, making the entire process useless.
  7. It is very unattractive looking on, making it uncomfortable or even scary for anyone sharing your bed at night.
  8. Many of the chin straps do not come with instructions on how to wear the straps properly, which leads to many people misaligning the straps on their faces.
  9. With all of the neoprene fabric on your face for so long during the night, your face may overheat and become very uncomfortable.


In our honest opinions, this device is not worth trying. However, if you still want to give it a try, we recommend trying the cheapest version first. If you find that you don’t mind all of the cons, you can move on to the more expensive versions. For those who are truly desperate for anything to alleviate your snoring, the $6 price tag may seem like nothing in comparison for the chance to have a snore free life.