The AntiSnore Toungue Sleeve

What is it?

Anti Snoring Tounge Sleeve

While this device might look strange, it could be one of the most revolutionary tools in solving your snoring problems. The tongue sleeve works to reduce snoring by helping to position the tongue in a forward position, preventing it from falling back against the throat. This is meant to keep you from snoring.

For mouth and tongue snorers, it may be a powerful solution. It is designed specifically to help snorers who find that the source of their snoring comes from the positioning of their tongue in their mouth. However, it may take some time to adjust into your mouth, in order for it to fit comfortably. Users who found success with the sleeve have each have their own unique ways of holding it in their mouths so that it doesn’t cause too much pain, as well as to ensure that it stays in their mouth. When successful, the sleeve is reported to induce deeper, longer, and more sound sleep.

About the Product

This product is made out of soft silicone, which means that it does not have a weird texture in your mouth, and it is more comfortable to hold in your mouth at night. It has a “V” design, which ensures that it will fit all mouth sizes, so that no matter your physiological needs, this device can work for you. It typically will last up to two years before you need to replace it and buy a new one. This is cost effective for anyone, since you do not have to spend anymore money on your snoring problem for another two years.

Apnea Night Guard


This anti-snoring device is great for the perfect for anyone who is a mouth or tongue snorer. Each type of snoring is caused by specific issues within your body. One of the most common types of snoring is through mouth and tongue problems. This product is specifically geared towards this kind of snorer.

While this is great for mouth and tongue snorers, it is also very effective for individuals with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that occurs when individuals literally stop breathing when they sleep. This can cause snoring, and can be a large problem. This device helps deal with the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Users who have used this sleeve have reported that they have had more sound sleep. They wake up more refreshed and energized, without feeling the drags from not being able to get a good night’s sleep due to their snoring. They are not being interrupted during the night, getting better and more consistent sleep.

They also report that they are breathing better while they sleep. This device is meant to keep your tongue in its proper place, keeping it from falling back into their mouth. Because the tongue is kept in its proper position, and it not blocking their throat and airway. This leads to better and more consistent breathing.

This anti-snore tongue sleeve is built so that it is one size fits all. You do not need to worry about getting the right sleeve size for your tongue and mouth. One size will fit everyone, no matter how big or small your mouth is. This makes it easier to buy yourself, or for someone you know who needs a snoring solution.

Another great advantage to this device is that it can be used even if you have dentures or false teeth. These false teeth can be a different size from normal teeth, so typical sleeves may not fit for these teeth. However, this unit can be used with false teeth.

Last but not least, these units are made from medical grade silicone, which means that it is durable, long-lasting, and hygienic. It will not absorb any bacteria, nor will it start to decay before its two year life span is up.


One of the largest cons to this unit is that it is not built for all users. For those who have nasal snoring, this device will have no effect whatsoever. For any other kind of snoring besides mouth and tongue, this unit will not work to the best of its ability, and it will not stop your snoring.

Because this device keeps your tongue in its forward position, and you must keep this device in your mouth all night long, it can lead to dry mouth for some users. After prolonged use, it may be difficult for users to deal with the dry mouth every night.

The device must be in the user's mouth, which means that there will inevitably be the period in which the user has to get used to the feeling of the sleeve in their mouth. For some, the sleeve is too uncomfortable, and despite any advantages that it may have, they cannot stand the discomfort.

Similarly to the general discomfort in the mouth, the tongue and your mouth may become sore after a full night of using the sleeve. When you wear it every night, this pain and soreness can also be too much for some users to handle.

In terms of price, the $30 price tag can seem like a lot of money for a small silicone device. If you are tight on money, this may not be the best idea for you to try early on. However, if you can afford it, it can work wonders for your sleeping.