Anti Snore Bumper Belt

What is Dr. Dakota's Rematee Bumper Belt? 

anti snore bumper beltWhen looking at the picture below, many of you may ask, what in the world is that? And why is it here? Well, Dr. Dakota's Rematee Bumper Belt is one of the latest models of sleep belts, which are designed to keep you sleeping on your side, instead of sleeping on your back. For many people, when they sleep on their backs, the force of gravity forces your airway to collapse, just enough to create the snoring that many people are accustomed to.

The Rematee is word around your chest, in order to get the maximum effect. The bumpers and the shoulder straps are adjustable according to the needs of each unique user. It wraps just below the armpits, which the shoulder straps of course going above the shoulder. It works to keep your body sleeping on its side, rather than the back, so that the airways are open, and snoring is eliminated. The Rematee is supposed to provide enough positional support for a good night's sleep, without any snoring.


One of the biggest pros to this product is that it is effective at forcing your body into sleeping on its side, rather than sleeping on its back. This keeps the user from obstructing their airway, and thus prevents them from snoring at night.

The Rematee is adjustable, so that most people can find a balance between comfort and allowing the Rematee to accomplish its goal of keeping the user on their back.

The build of the Rematee aids in providing the user with enough support to comfortably sleep on their side, even if they are not used to it. This makes the transition from back sleeper to side sleeper easier on many users.

Because it is small and adjustable, the Rematee is an easy product to travel with. It can easily fit into whatever suitcase of travel case that you have, making it much easier to take it wherever you are.

It is made from breathable neoprene material, so that it decreases the chances of sweating and getting too hot and uncomfortable.

back pillow anti snoring


However, this product has many flaws, which make it a less than desirable product to alleviate your snoring problems.

Many users say that the 3 pronged design of the Rematee prevents them from ever being able to get comfortable when they sleep, nor have they been able to promote sleeping on their side, as many report it is still easy to slide back onto your back. This may be a user specific problem, but it may not be.

The very nature of the Rematee is uncomfortable. It is very difficult for people to change their sleep preference. For those who find their body rebelling against the change too much, this product may not been worth it for you.

It is a very bulky product, and can make your sleeping habits change dramatically, and not always for the best.

Our Opinion

After considering all of the pros and cons, the Rematee is probably not the best sleeping belt for you to try. Here on our website we have other sleep belts if you think that it will help your snoring problem. However, for those who are truly desperate, you can give it a try, and see if it works for you.