SlumberBump Anti Snore Sleep Belt

SlumberBump Anti Snore Sleep Belt

What is the SlumberBumper Anti-Snore Sleep Belt? 

The SlumberBumper Anti-Snore Sleep Belt has one simple purpose - to keep you sleeping on your side, so you do not snore on your back. Perhaps the most common causes of snoring is the obstruction of the airway during sleep when people sleep on their backs. Your throat almost automatically closes off the airway, and for many people this causes snoring. The goal of the sleep belt is to ensure that you are not able to sleep on your back, and thus are unable to snore.

For those who are back sleepers, it is more than likely you are also a snorer. This does not mean that it is your fault that you snore. It is a normal part of the human body. However, that does not mean that you have to live with this snoring condition forever. While you cannot help the fact that sleeping on your back causes snoring, you can prevent yourself from sleeping on your back. This is the goal of the SlumberBumper.

The SlumberBumper can also help treat other kinds of sleep disorder, most commonly sleep apnea. For those who are looking for an affordable, comfortable, and easy way to help treat your sleep disorder, this device may be the answer for you.

It is made with a breathable mesh, that allows for easy air flow during sleep. The sleep bumpers are inflatable, which means that the user can adjust them however they need to in order to get a comfortable night sleep, while also feeling the effects of the sleep bumper. This also makes it exceptionally easy to take when you travel. It fits chest sizes between 33 inches and 41 inches.


There are many pros to using this device, the first and foremost is that it is specifically designed to help those who are back snorers. This is the most common kind of snoring, and can help the vast majority of those who snore. There are very few products which can be used to directly target the causes of back snoring, and this is one of the best ones.

The mesh material that the device is made out of is created so that it keeps bacteria and bad odor away. One of the biggest problems with many sleep belts is that they tend to become stinky after prolonged use, after sweating onto the belt when sleeping. This then can lead to bacteria in the belt, which is never a good thing. But with the mesh design, users do not have to worry about the smell or bacteria build up.

It is also very easy to inflate and deflate according to the direct needs of the user. Each person will need and want a certain level of inflation in order to help keep the body in a comfortable position while also keeping them from sleeping on their back. By inflating it yourself, you can ensure that you get the perfect balance.

The SlumberBump Anti-Snore Sleep Belt can also be used to treat other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. Many snorers do not realize that they may also have a sleep disorder. For those who do know that they have a sleep disorder, it can be helpful to know that this can help with several of your problems all at once.

SlumberBump Anti Snore


However, there are also some cons to a product, some improvements to be made.

For those who are trying the sleep belt for the first time, it may be extremely uncomfortable at first to force your body into  sleeping position that it does not like. For some people, the uncomfortable feeling is too much, and the benefits of the sleep belt cannot outweigh it.

It is a bulky product, and will probably make you feel silly. If you do not like to go to sleep with a bulky device wrapped around your chest, you will not like this product. You will need to decide if your snoring is worth the bulk.

Some people have also reported that despite the mesh material, the SlumberBumper can get hot, and users sweat more than they usually do when they sleep. Sweat build up around the chest can be exceptionally uncomfortable, making some users turn away from the SlumperBumper.

Our Opinion

After reading many users' reviews, and our own personal experience with the SlumberBump Anti-Snore Sleep Belt, we recommend it to our readers. If you are a back sleeper, and find that you snore a lot, this product is definitely worth a shot. It can show strong results if you are able to get accustomed to a new kind of sleeping position. If you are willing to spend a little more money, this product can be very beneficial.