If you snore, you will by now probably have tried many different approaches to stop this snoring happening. It can be hugely frustrating for both you and the people around you having to deal with the effects of snoring – quite often, you’ll probably find that you wake yourself up with your snoring! It can make you very self conscious too and worried about sharing a house or a bed with other people, and it’s likely that you’re willing to try everything to help stop your snoring. We’ll tell you all about the types of foods that you can eat that will help to stop your snoring.



Soy Milk

Soy_milk for anti snoringCow’s milk is something many of us have in our diet on a regular basis, but did you know that it can actually make snoring worse? If you’re even a little intolerant to lactose, cow’s milk will make you snore more because it will block up your nasal passages due to the reaction caused by the lactose. Switching to soy milk can make a huge difference to your snoring, and cutting the lactose out of your diet by making this one simple switch is a great start to make.





honey for anti snoringHoney has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and because of this it can hugely help to reduce the inflammation in the throat. Honey can be put into hot water and dissolved, and when drunk before bedtime it will help to relax the muscles of the throat to reduce your risk of snoring.




Peppermint Tea

peppermint-tea relieve snoringTea has long been accepted as a really useful way to help reduce snoring, and also to reduce stress. The more stressed you are the more your body will respond to this stress, and this will ultimately make your snoring worse. Mint has anti-inflammatory properties and is great at reducing swelling, and mixing mint and tea is a winning formula for snoring. The mint provides the anti-inflammatory properties, and the hot water and the tea reduce congestion in your nose and throat. Smelling the tea before you drink it will help the vapors to travel up your nose and into your nasal passages, and drinking the tea will help your throat a lot.


Chamomile Tea

leaf chamomile tea for snoring relieveChamomile Tea is another wonderful tea for helping to reduce snoring. Chamomile reduces congestion and is also noted for its calming properties, and drinking chamomile tea before bed will help to relax you and calm you down and help you to have a better night’s sleep.






onion for anti snoringAntioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are well associated with onions. They also have decongestant properties, and adding onions to your diet is simple. They can be used in so many dishes, and not only are they great for helping to reduce snoring but they make so many dishes taste great too!





salmon help in preventing snoringRed meat is one part of the diet that doesn’t help anybody. It can be difficult to digest and the saturated fat is well known to inflame nasal passages. Switching a few of your meals each week from red meat to fish provides all the protein that you need while helping to reduce your snoring. Fish is so good for us too, and provides so many wonderful health benefits that it’s worth making the effort to find fish dishes that you like.






turmeric help to prevent snoringTurmeric truly is a super food! It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be added as a spice to many meals to not only liven up the taste but also to relieve snoring. It is also very beneficial to the body for numerous reasons, and its myriad health benefits mean there’s no reason not to add it to every meal you make!






pineapple can help to reduce snoringPineapple has huge benefits – not only does it help to increase the metabolic rate, but it is also famous for the anti-inflammatory problems it has. Adding pineapple to one or two meals a week will make a big difference to your snoring, as the anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce any swelling in your nasal passages.













cardamom is great anti snore spiceTry adding 1 half-teaspoon of cardamom powder to a glass of warm water and drinking it before bed is a good daily routine to get into. Cardamom is an expectorant and is known to help reduce snoring, and if you mix this with honey then it makes a tasty drink too!







nettles proven to help with snoringNettles can be used to treat seasonal snoring problems. Often snoring is caused by an allergy or an irritant, and nettles have antihistamine properties which will combat this type of snoring problems. Drinking nettle tea or using dried nettle leaves is a good way of getting nettles into your diet.








ghee is good for anti snoringGhee, or clarified butter, has numerous positive effects. While many people don’t like the thought of it as it does contain fat, it’s also a very effective way of improving the immune system and reducing inflammation. Heating up ghee and putting in the nostrils twice a day will make a huge difference to your snoring.











steam vapors clear your sinuses good for snoring relieveSteam vapors travel up the nose and through the nasal passages and sinuses, and the more clear your sinuses are then the less you will snore. Inhaling steam vapors over a bowl of hot, steaming water is a great thing to do before bed.