Anti Snore Cushion Strap

Lower the Loud Snoring, Stop Waking Gasping for Air?



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What is Dr. Dakota’s Snoring Stop?


Dr. Dakota’s Snoring Stop has been created to help those who snore at night, but specifically helping those who have sleep apnea. Dr. Dakota’s goal with his product is to not only ensure that customers get a good night's sleep, but also to ensure that people are not risking their health.
This product is similar to a chin strap, except instead of wrapping around your head and chin, the Snoring Stop wraps around your neck, with a memory foam padding in front of the neck and under the chin that keeps the jaw secure in place during sleep. It is made from memory foam and neoprene fabric in order to provide the best sleeping experience possible.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Dakota’s Snoring Stop has been designed to specifically help with sleep apnea, which can turn into a very dangerous condition if left untreated. The design of the Snoring Stop is made so that it works well with continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP. This means that all air intake is directed where it needs to go, avoiding trying your nose, lips, tongue, or throat.


How Does the Snoring Stop Work?

When people snore, especially those who snore loudly, tend to snore when their body is completely relaxed. Your body unwinds, your air passage opens up, and your mouth falls open. This can hamper your breathing, and lead to louder snoring all at the same time. No matter if you are someone who sleeps on your back or your side, you will experience this shortage of breath.

The Snoring Stop is built so that it will prevent this from happening. Your body and your airway passage can relax, however, it keeps your mouth shut, so that your breathing does not become hampered, and your snoring does not continue.

While Dr. Dakota says that this is how the snoring stop is supposed to work, it does not necessarily accomplish its goals.


Does it Really Work?

Based on our own personal experiences with this product, as well as the many reviews on Amazon, we have decided that this product does not accomplish what it says it does.

Many people have experienced increased difficulty breathing at night. The chin strap that is supposed to keep your mouth shut can sometimes work too well, keeping you from breathing normally. This can in turn keep you up at night, waking up continuously with shortage of breath.

Reviewers also felt the sensation of being strangled by the device, because it is wrapped around the neck. This can be discomforting for many people, and turned many people away from the product.

With this device, users must also use pillows to give the additional support to their jaws, which means that this device is not all inclusive. For many people, finding the right combination of pillows can be frustrating.

Perhaps the biggest complaint about this product was that it does not really stop snoring. It has many reports of helping people breathe easier, if they are able to get the device to sit properly and comfortably on their heads.


****A response from Victor Hogue, Dr. Dakota Snoring Stop's developer:***

"All the Photos on the Dr. Dakota Snoring Stop Blog belong to me. Dr. Dakota, LLC.


This Product has been helping people across America as well as abroad. Like most Anti-Snoring / Sleep Apnea Products on the market, Some may work for some people and some may not. That's the general consensus for any product. I developed this Product for my older brother. It worked for him, and he was hoping it would help others as well. It has helped thousands with Sleep Apnea, and with CPAP Nose and Face Masks. My brother tried all the Products on your Best List and they failed for him.

Some People use my Product in combination with other Products on your lists. We encourage people who suffer from the lack of quality sleep to try anything in order to achieve a good nights rest. Use multiple products in conjunction, anything that may help. So why you want to disparage people's products is beyond me. Are you being paid to do so?

Do you know that Amazon went through "Product Review" Wars back in 2013-14? Where companies were paying hackers to write and post 5-Star Reviews for their products and post 1 Star Reviews for Competitors? You could actually pay a Company 75 to post 10- 5 Star Reviews for your Product. So some of my 1- Star Reviews in the beginning of 2014 were fake. My refund rate is less than 5%.

There are 314 Million people in the U.S. 114 Million are reported to have a Snoring and or Sleep Apnea condition. Our Product helps a lot of those people. The Product is just another Product that may help a percentage of those who suffer. I speak over the phone to people all the time, in several cities all across America, all explaining how this product helps them with their CPAP's and lowering the volume of their snoring....simply by keeping their mouth closed and doing it more comfortably than other products, they've used before. It's just a simple,logical device.

I hope you'll find the descent thing to do is remove the blog relating to Dr. Dakota Snoring Cease and Desist.

Best Regards,
Vic Hogue
Dr. Dakota, LLC "

Therefore, we'd like to clarify that this is a review site. All reviews were written based on our experience and other people reviews and opinions. We haven't done any other research on this product, and cannot provide any specific data on this product. Currently we couldn't find the success rate of this product online as well.

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