Anti-Snore Wrist Band

What is the SnoreDoc Watch?

The SnoreDoc Watch is a new and innovative anti-snore product that is meant to work with the natural rhythms and patterns of your body. It is a watch that you wear on your wrist when you go to bed. It then uses high-tech sensors to detects the sounds of your snoring. Once the watch has read that you are snoring, it uses biofeedback technology to stimulate your body, encouraging the jaw to open, and open your airways and air passages.

The beauty of this product, is that you can wear it just like a watch. It is not invasive, and it does not impede on the user’s sleeping habits. You do not need to add anything else to your nightly habits, all you have to do is wear the watch.

Pros to Using the SnoreDoc Snore Watch
One of the most obvious advantages to using this product is that it is easy to use. All you have to do is wear is just like you wear a normal watch. You can simply replace the watch that you wear during the day with this watch that you can wear at night.

anti-snore-wrist-bandYou do not need to buy any additional items for this product, nor do you need to buy any replacements for the watch. It is built for the long term, with a single purchase. You do not have to buy any replacements. You do not have to worry about getting the settings on this product correct. There are no settings for you to fiddle with, making it an easy product to use.

It is very affordable, at only $11.99 for the entire watch. It is one of the more affordable anti-snoring options. Rather than trying to fight against your body, this product works with your body. It uses the normal patterns and functioning of your body to stop your snoring.

Cons with Using the SnoreDoc Snore Watch
When reading the reviews made by other people who have used this watch, we saw that this product has a tendency to shock its users. The technology that allows for biofeedback can also shock users.

For some people, wearing a bulky watch can be uncomfortable. It may hamper their sleeping experience. Some people have also reported that some parts of the watch have fallen off after prolonged use. This may be for those who toss around a lot when they sleep, or for those who received faulty products. Some users have also noted that it can be difficult for the device to pick up on all snoring. If the watch does not pick up on the snoring, it can not function as it is supposed to.

Our Opinion

After our own experiences with the product, as well as the reviews of others online, we have decided that this product is a minimally effective anti-snoring product. It can work for some people, but for the vast majority of users the watch did not work consistently enough. The fact that some people shocked themselves wearing this product, or had to buy another watch due to damage to the watch, this product is not worth the time or the money.