There are many devices available today that aim to reduce or cure snoring. The impacts are varied. One of the many solutions at your discretion is the nati pot. Many people have used nati pot for snoring and have had encouraging results.


What is a Nati Pot / Neti Pot?


Neti pot is a small vessel in the shape of a teapot but made of ceramic or plastic. It can be made of glass but it is not the common material used as that would inflate the price. Using neti pot for snoring or sleep apnea is quite simple.


How to use a Neti Pot?

The purpose of neti pot is to cleanse the nasal passage. Since most cases of snoring have some kind of obstruction in the respiratory tract, the goal is to get rid of such obstacles. The obstruction could be related to sinus, the tongue muscle may relax far too much during sleep which will block the airway and there can be other types of congestions. To use neti pot you would need a solution that will rinse your nose and nasal passage.

You can use saltwater. To make this solution you should mix about half a teaspoon of salt (non-iodized) with eight ounces of water (preferably distilled) and about half a teaspoon baking soda. Blend all the ingredients and pour it into the neti pot. Take the spout of the pot and gently place it in your nostril. You need to cleanse the nasal passage of one nostril with the neti pot solution and drain it out of the other nostril. You must then repeat the process by cleansing the other nostril while draining the solution out of the first one. Finish with a bit of gargling. You can use lukewarm water for gargle.


Where to get a Neti Pot?

You can buy a neti pot at pharmacies. The price varies depending on the type and brand, also quality. You should not pay more than twenty bucks for a neti pot. The least you may pay is eight bucks.


Pros and Cons of Neti Pot

A neti pot will cleanse your nostril and clear out any obstructions there may be. In effect, it will reduce snoring and will facilitate better sleep, thus improving your overall health.


On the flipside, make sure you don’t use too cold or too hot a solution, don’t use too much salt and ensure the neti pot is impeccably clean. Else, you may damage your nostrils which are anyway tender, there is a risk of infection if the neti pot is not clean and if you don’t use distilled water.