There is a plethora of annoying sounds that we have to live with every day. The most annoying sounds are however a subjective matter. What is undoubtedly very annoying for you might not be so for your friend or spouse!

Many kids don’t like the noise of chalk against the blackboard or slate. There are many adults who find the noise rather discomforting. Many people don’t like the noise that two striking pieces of metal make or that of scratching a metal surface. Most people don’t like the sound of their alarm/clock every morning.

Contrary to popular belief, many noises that would otherwise be the most annoying sounds are not really annoying for most people, at least in the United Kingdom.

  • justin-bieber-annoying-soundThe noise of a chainsaw in operation or just kept running is not at all annoying for Britons. The horns of buses and cars are not annoying, neither is the noise made by dialup modems nor the loud television of the neighbor. Britons find sports commentary more annoying than car horns and chainsaw. Interestingly, Britons find an angle grinder, phone keypad noises, squeaky brakes of a bike and Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ song more annoying.


  • Loud yawns, noise of children playing early in the morning, polystyrene squeak, creaky doors, fire alarms, morning alarms, biting nails and the ticking noise of a clock or a loud watch are more annoying than the aforementioned. Britons put Jimmy Carr’s laugh in this same category of most annoying sounds.


  • Now, you may be surprised to find out even more annoying sounds that the ones we have discussed till now. The song ‘Go Compare’, Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, the Crazy Frog Song and Vuvuzelas are among the most annoying sounds, in the same category as dentist drills, coughing, microphone feedback and tapping nails.


  • car-alaram-annonying-soundRoad drills, sniffing, constant email and text alerts, dripping taps, poorly played music, bad singing, the noise of scratching a fork on a plate and grinding teeth are equally annoying for Britons.


  • The worst among the most annoying sounds are a tad surprising and also a bit along the expected lines. People don’t like the sound of car alarm, noisy motorbikes or people talking loudly when they are on their mobiles. Slurping noise made when sipping coffee or tea and a car running outside in the wee hours of the morning are also annoying. A crying baby is annoying for most Britons as is the sound made by fingers down a chalkboard, dogs barking and loud chewing.




  • Expectedly, snoring is the absolute worst and the most widely hated among the most annoying sounds. Clearly, no one wants to endure that noise and compromise their peaceful, restful and rejuvenating sleep.